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Mocky is a magic window into your team's activity, files, and projects.

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It’s tough to lead a team.

Making sure all your people are on the same page can feel impossible. It's even harder when you have multiple offices, people work remotely, or are hiring quickly. Communication breakdowns get in the way of great work.

Don't worry about it.
Mocky is here to help.

See the latest changes

Mocky watches as your team makes changes to files in Dropbox throughout the day. Dig into any project or person at any time. Great for weekly reviews or daily updates, or just feeling the pulse of what's going on.

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Get a visual overview

Sometimes it matters less about which specific files changed and more about getting the high-level view of what everybody's working on. Are people sticking to the style guide? Has anybody made something really cool lately? All in one place, updated as people work.

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Start your morning right

Receive your team's changes by email and Slack each weekday morning to keep you up to date at all times. Your team already has a workflow and Mocky doesn’t want to force you to change habits. It wants to help you be just a little better each day.

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Used by teams at

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Last active: right now

See when people were last making changes to files. It's helpful for seeing when people are falling behind.

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Get into the details

Sometimes the high-level view just doesn't cut it. Click on any image to dig deeper and focus on the specifics.

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Today. Yesterday. Any day.

Filter changes by any time period. Want to see what someone did during the first 6 months of the year? Done.

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This project, that project.

There’s always at least one project which requires the most attention at any time. Filters allow you to focus solely on that one.

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It’s all about the people.

Have a one-on-one or performance review coming up? Be prepared, and see everything they've been working on recently.

Get set up in 3 easy steps

You'll be surprised how quick and easy it is. And more importantly, we've built Mocky so you rarely have to come back once your account is set up. There's nothing to check off, no updates to post, and no notification count nagging you.

Finally, get answers 
to questions like these

When people are out of sync or interrupted unnecessarily you waste time, lose money, and produce bad work. Using Mocky you can keep things running smoothly without hassling the people on your team or sacrificing visibility into what they’re working on.

Where did my team spend most of their time last month?

What's being worked on today? Yesterday? Last week?

Which projects are making the most progress this week?

Which folder has the new assets? Which files did she say she edited?

Who changed that document I was working on last week?

Hello from the founder(s)

Hey there!

My name is Daniel, and I built Mocky. Knowing you're here considering this little project of mine truly means the world. I sincerely hope you find it useful. But if not, then I hope we'll get there someday.

Mocky has been, by far, the most satisfying project I've ever worked on. Knowing that my hard work helps even a few people be a little less anxious and a little bit better at their jobs is everything I've ever wanted.

Work is pretty stressful for just about all of us. It doesn't help that most of the software we use exists to make us feel more stressed, guilty, and always behind. I honestly believe we can build a better work life for ourselves with better, smarter tools.

And with that said, I think you'll find I've designed and built Mocky with this in mind. These values and guiding principles are distilled deep into the code of the product as much as possible. I can't wait for you to try it!

Daniel and marlo 5391595def35724073e1995aed05862b802949bd23a5143d2a382d60e32c4cf2
Daniel Zarick, founder of Mocky (And that's Marlo, my boss)

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