Mocky gives you a magic window into your team's Dropbox activity, files and projects.

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See what's changed and who made the changes

Your team works on files in Dropbox every day, but who made changes and when they happened is nearly impossible to find out. Mocky sends you an email or Slack message each day telling you what changed. Most importantly: there's no need do anything different. It just works, quietly and in the background.

Which folder has the new assets? Which files did she say she edited?

How often does this happen to you? Someone changes a bunch of files in your shared folders, but you’re not sure which ones you’re supposed to care about. Instead of bothering your team or waiting for an answer, use Mocky to see which files are the latest.

Get set up in 3 easy steps

You'll be surprised how quickly you can set up a Mocky account. More importantly, we've designed Mocky so that you rarely have to come back once your account is configured.

After that, there's nothing to check off, no updates to post, and no notification count nagging you. Mocky brings useful insights directly to you, where you already are.

Who changed that document I was working on last week?

You’re working on an important presentation, document, or design. Then a few days later you open up the file again and see everything’s moved around. Who did it? Why didn’t they say anything? Now with Mocky, you’ll always know when someone changes an important file soon after they change it.

Everything missing from your Dropbox team account

Dropbox is great for storing and sharing files in your company. But it’s nearly impossible to know if and when people make changes to those files. Mocky lets you know.

What's being worked on today? Yesterday? Last week?

Maybe you manage a team of people, or maybe you’re just curious about what your coworkers are up to these days. It’s nice to feel the pulse of the company. Or maybe you want to help out but you don’t know where help is needed. Now you have Mocky’s daily emails and “Latest activity” dashboard any time you need them.

Mocky wants to help reduce stress & make your work life just a little bit easier

Most collaboration and team-focused software makes us feel more stressed, like we're always behind, and even a little guilty for not using it enough. Mocky's here to promise we want to fix this vicious cycle. Our goal is to empower your team, not drag you down.

Where did my team spend most of their time last month?

Anybody who manages a team knows how useful it is to be in the loop with what everybody is working on. But we all hate interrupting people and they often resent it. Mocky helps you keep a finger on the pulse without micromanaging your team.

Don't interrupt your normal workflow

Mocky works where you already are. Whether it's email, Slack, on your phone, or your desktop (and more coming soon).

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We all agree sharing our work regularly is important. But initiating these conversations can be difficult. When something important changes, Mocky will let you know so your team can discuss it.

Which projects are being worked on most this week?

Teams small and large juggle multiple projects at once, so it can be difficult to know what’s happening this week vs. last week vs. last month. A quick glance at Mocky helps keep you in the loop. And it doesn’t show you when your team checked off the todo box for a project... that’s not real work. Mocky only shows you when real files in real project folders change.

Hello from the founder(s)

Hey there!

My name is Daniel, and I built Mocky. Knowing you're here considering this little project of mine truly means the world. I sincerely hope you find it useful. But if not, then I hope we'll get there someday.

Mocky has been, by far, the most satisfying project I've ever worked on. Knowing that my hard work helps even a few people be a little less anxious and a little bit better at their jobs is everything I've ever wanted.

Work is pretty stressful for just about all of us. It doesn't help that most of the software we use exists to make us feel more stressed, guilty, and always behind. I honestly believe we can build a better work life for ourselves with better, smarter tools.

And with that said, I think you'll find that I've designed and built Mocky with this in mind. These values and guiding principles are distilled deep into the code of the product as much as possible. I can't wait for you to try it!

Daniel and marlo 5391595def35724073e1995aed05862b802949bd23a5143d2a382d60e32c4cf2
Daniel Zarick, founder of Mocky (And that's Marlo, my boss)

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