organized feedback

You're probably an awesome designer, photographer, product manager, illustrator, or do something similar. I bet you just finished some amazing work too. Now you're ready to get feedback from your coworkers or client. This step is usually cumbersome and disorganized.

Sometimes you email attachments, other times you post a download link in an instant message or internal chat tool. You wait for minutes, hours, and sometimes days to hear back. "Did they even see it," you wonder? Finally, your team or client gives you feedback on the images, but it's always messy and difficult to sort through.

This used to happen to me too. I've worked as a product manager, a designer, and a developer. Giving and receiving feedback was always a huge pain. So I built Mocky to make it easier.

  • It's free to sign up and try. My wonderful subscribers support the product so I can continue building new, better features.
  • Uploading your work takes just a few seconds. It's very fast.
  • Those uploads combine to make a collection, which has a unique URL to share with anybody you want.
  • You're notified whenever someone views each of your collections, so you'll never be left guessing if they saw it.
  • Finally, there are comments next to each image. This way, when it's time to make changes, finding them is easy. You won't dig through your email to find feedback ever again. It's right there.

Mocky is what I like to call "organized feedback," because it just makes sense. It works great for me. I hope it works for you too.

– Daniel Zarick
(I'm the guy who built this thing)