Prefer when your design team runs smoothly? Mocky helps you manage a tight ship.

Mocky watches as your team works on files in Dropbox throughout the day. You can see what's happening in any project, by any person, at any time.

It's useful for weekly team reviews, giving the bosses status updates, observing contractors & agencies, employee reviews, and much more.

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It’s tough to lead a team.

Making sure all your people are on the same page can feel impossible. It's even harder when you have multiple offices, people work remotely, or are hiring quickly. Communication breakdowns get in the way of great work.

Don't worry about it.
Mocky is here to help.

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Hello from the founder(s)

Hey there!

My name is Daniel, and I built Mocky. Knowing you're here considering this little project of mine truly means the world. I sincerely hope you find it useful. But if not, then I hope we'll get there someday.

Mocky has been, by far, the most satisfying project I've ever worked on. Knowing that my hard work helps even a few people be a little less anxious and a little bit better at their jobs is everything I've ever wanted.

Work is pretty stressful for just about all of us. It doesn't help that most of the software we use exists to make us feel more stressed, guilty, and always behind. I honestly believe we can build a better work life for ourselves with better, smarter tools.

And with that said, I think you'll find I've designed and built Mocky with this in mind. These values and guiding principles are distilled deep into the code of the product as much as possible. I can't wait for you to try it!

Daniel and marlo
Daniel Zarick, founder of Mocky (And that's Marlo, my boss)

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